Nola Semczyszyn

Swing Space
architectural blueprints and drawing on Mylar. 2008 Canada

My project, entitled Swing Space, is an exploration of the realm of possibility one enters into on moving into a new house. Specifically, my new 434 square foot (40m2) house. Done in architectural blueprints and drawing on Mylar, the project explores the ways in which use of living space both enact subjectivity and create limitations on who we can become. The project references the way in which tiny spaces in Vancouver are marketed as offering a variety of ‘lifestyles’ to potential inhabitants. We are the lifestyle choices we make and the way in which we use our space. Some possibilities open doors for actions while closing them off for others. The project is both an exploration of these possibilities, and of the pleasures and anxieties of examining the way in which a living space can reflect who we become.