Maija Holma

The plastic archives
phototransfer on plastic objects. 2008 Finland

The plastic archives are a bucket full of plastic scraps that I have collected over several years. I began collecting plastic when we had a lot of toys, candy wrappers and that kind of incredible and imaginative junk, which I couldn’t bring myself to throw away. The junk was interesting in its sheer mindlessness, but the collecting process was also a reminder that parents could act differently with regards to their children’s discoveries from the candy store, specifically all those colourful, little plastic pieces from candy packaging made in China. Parents could explain how things really are, and say that we will not buy these things in useless packaging for specific reasons. Nevertheless, I have personally been completely spineless in this effort.

The plastic archives in House Games 2008, show the impact of the world’s plastic technology in the heart of the home. In our homes we open packaging; things that can be useful or simply nice, but the lifespan of these packages involves the degradation of the planet and child-labour.