Patrick Padeau

The (little) Big One
Digital animation 1’43, Quimper 2005

With special thanks to: Harpy, Itoken, A.M.I, Stupeur and Trompette!
From a photograph of the apartment 14 A 5 on Yliopistonkatu-street, Jyväskylä, I modeled certain specific elements of the living room in 3D, and digitally recreated the space.

During the animation a balloon falls onto the furniture in the living room. This action instigates a disaster, as in a game of dominos. The whole living room is turned upside down ending in a fire. The scene is filmed in slow motion, detailing each and every movement of the furniture and the balloon. The experimental music of Harpy accompanies this mini drama with uncanny legerity, underlining the gap between reality and desire.

The concept of this film was greatly influenced by video games such as Sim City where the game is to live a life which is not our own, but a fantasy. I am interested in the illusion of controlling a territory even if it is for a short time, be it tangible, social or emotional.

During the exhibition, I would like to upset some of the actual objects in the apartment jostling them, turning them upside down: canapé, sofa, armchair, table as an echo the actions of the film.