Antoine Meyer

5 photographs 13 x 18cm and 20 x 30cm, Belgium 2005

With these images I would like to evoke that traveling is not the passport we hold, the texture of the pavement we cross, nor the dirt on the path we fallow.

Because when we travel, in part or in whole, we always take along : our home. That is to say, our culture which is in fact nearly everything.

Samuel Becket said "I may be stupid, but not so daft as to travel for pleasure" As a traveler, I try not to fall into the grid, recognizing that I am not a player in the game nor am I a referee on the sidelines.

Now, living in As, a village in Vlaams Belgium, I have become sedentary- at least for a while, but I carry on traveling in the same way, taking the same photographs I would take anywhere.